Um modelo de distribuição de renda utilizando uma variação espacial e evolucionária do jogo do ultimato

Alves, Lucas Brant Vilanova
Monteiro, Luiz Henrique Alves
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Notargiacomo, Pollyana Coelho da Silva
Schimit, Pedro Henrique Triguis
Engenharia Elétrica
Di erent types of models have been proposed to study the process of income distribution in a society. In this work, a variation of the ultimatum game is proposed to investigate how the behavior in a bargaining situation a ects the distribution of resources in the population. In this game, two players must share a certain sum of money. One of the players, the proposer, makes an o er on how the money should be divided. If the other player, the responder, accepts the o er, the amount is divided as proposed; however, if the respondent rejects the o er, they do not receive any amount. The variation of the ultimatum game investigated here is spatial, evolutionary, iterated, and with xed total resource. In addition, each individual is assigned to one of two strategies, either as a pro- poser or as a responder. It was veri ed that the strategy most adopted by the players is not necessarily the most pro table strategy. Regarding the income distribution, the Gini coe cient was calculated for di erent values of the model parameters. It was observed that in a society in which the individuals share a larger amount of their own resources, the poorer class has higher incomes and the income concentration in the richer class is also higher.
distribuição de renda , jogo do ultimato , jogos espaciais , jogos evolucionários , jogos iterados , teoria de jogos
ALVES, Lucas Brant Vilanova. Um modelo de distribuição de renda utilizando uma variação espacial e evolucionária do jogo do ultimato. 2018. 38 f. Dissertação( Engenharia Elétrica) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo .