Religião e sexualidade: reflexões sobre igrejas inclusivas na cidade de São Paulo

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Alves, Zedequias
Pereira, João Baptista Borges
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Gomes, Antônio Máspoli de Araújo
Simões, Júlio Assis
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The quarrel concerning the sexuality human being comes being intensified in these finishes decades through debates in diverse sciences. In the religious field we have witnessed the sprouting of new churches that bring an inclusive speech and look for to be an option for Homosexuals, Lesbians, Bissexuais, Travestis and Transexuais. The present research is a reflection on the calls inclusive churches in the City of São Paulo. For inclusive church we understand the churches opened for community L.G.B.T., and that the ones bring a proposal of inclusion for all that are excluded from the other religious sources gifts in Brazil. The presence of the inclusive churches in the religious universe of our country has generated the most different types of manifestations, since the direct and forceful attack the form to think theological of these groups until the total indifference for this new reality. Both positions lack more of a acurada inquiry, therefore the presence of any religiosidade, brings obtains some questions that they need to be analyzed. My proposal is to analyze this phenomenon and to look for to bring new information that will serve of base for other researchers in the diverse areas of the knowledge.
inclusão , sexualidade , religião , inclusion , sexuality , religion
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