A imagem do impossível: análise de um fenômeno religioso em Cássia - MG

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Navarro, André Renato de Barros
Liberal, Márcia Mello Costa de
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Pereira, João Baptista Borges
Camargo, Paulo Roberto de
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The present work aims to comprehend, based on Santa Rita de Cássia s life and trajectory, how the modern women identity has been built and socially appropriated by the medieval religion. During Santa Rita de Cassia s life, her body and desires never belonged to her since she wished to be a nun but her parents obliged her to get married. Once married, she subjected to her husband because of her children. As a widow, she preferred to see her own children dead than see them seek revenge. She committed herself to a religious life demonstrating clearly that, tormented by flesh desire, needed to fight against the devil that presented himself as a desired man. The desire of her existence was denied by her parents, her husband, her family and in the Coventry, where her toughest struggle happened, her search to become a acceptable woman for God. This research is committed to understanding a phenomenon that happens in the countryside of Minas Gerais in a city called Cassia. In this city there are people devoted to the saint, mostly females, and all of them live a life that is a sequence of facts related to the history of Santa Rita de Cassia: a life of acceptance and subjection to the fatality of the Holy. Their main reason of existence is the belief and the miracles, elements that facilitate both the acceptance and the subjection of the life they have.
identidade , religião , Idade Média , mulher , religiosidade , identity , religion , Medieval Age , woman , religiosity
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NAVARRO, André Renato de Barros. A imagem do impossível: análise de um fenômeno religioso em Cássia - MG. 2008. 99 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Religião) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2008.