Análise do padrão MMT para transporte de serviços de TV digital

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Diniz, Celso da Silva
Akamine, Cristiano
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Valeira, Gustavo de Melo
Stolf, Guido
Engenharia Elétrica
A digital TV system uses standardized methods for compression, multiplexing and transmission of audiovisual signals and content data. Speci cally in the multiplexing stage, the most widespread systems are currently based on the international standard of the MPEG group (Moving Picture Experts Group) { ISO/IEC 13818-1 (2015). With the increasing volume of video streaming on the Internet, whether through on-demand or real-time services, the need arose for the development of transport mechanisms / protocols with greater exibility and control of the quality of the transmitted service. To meet this new segment and also ensure the evolution of television services, a new ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard has been developed. This dissertation presents the main characteristics and functionalities of the new international standard MMT (MPEG Media Transport), developed by ISO, for the transportation and hybrid delivery of multimedia tra c of digital TV services in broadcast and broadband networks. The architecture of the MMT is presented, as well as its respective data structures, protocol formatting and control messages. It is also proposed the implementation of a protocol analyzer speci c to MMTP (MPEG Media Transport Protocol ), standardized by ISO/IEC 23008-1 (2017) and potential substitute of the MPEG-2 Transport Stream protocol (MPEG-2 Transport Stream), in operation in the current television networks
MPEG Media Transport (MMT) , MPEG Media Transport Protocol (MMTP) , Moving Picture Experts Group MPEG Media Transport , Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão Digital SBTVD , TV digital , serviço multimídia , protocolo de aplicação , entrega híbrida , radiodifusão terrestre , rede banda-larga , transporte de vídeo
DINIZ, Celso da Silva. Análise do padrão MMT para transporte de serviços de TV digital. 2019. 73 f. Dissertação (Engenharia Elétrica) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2019.