Aferição da disponibilidade de conexão e da audiência de Stream de vídeo em redes IP

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Oliveira, Vitor Chaves de
Lopes, Paulo Batista
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Santos, Edson Tafeli Carneiro dos
Garcia, Paulo Alves
Bedicks Junior, Gunnar
Corrêa, Andreiwid Sheffer
Engenharia Elétrica
In the current IP video scenario, the lack of mechanisms that record two technical parameters that influence the commercial chain that sustains this ecosystem related to the Internet, are: availability and audience. And the expressive growth of this type of transmission, continually rivals it with TV. Thus, with the objective of measuring this new medium of audiovisual offer, this work has developed methodologies to acquire such information at this consumer's point and to compare the viability of transitioning from traditional TV to IP Stream. And, this was accomplished through a technical-mathematical comparison and by the construction of two softwares each with a purpose, with their respective requirements analysis, as well as the method of how to interpret the results and infer how these parameters are related. One was programmed to verify the availability of any IP connections through an application that can be used on any browser platform. And the other, implemented as an extension to one of the most used browsers, Google Chrome, to capture the audience of Internet videos on the leading supplier of videos exists today, Google's YouTube. In this work, the abstractions of considerations around the Quality of Service (QoS) concept, is proposed to be interpreted as a measure of Quality of Experience (QoE) assimilated from the quantities of times and interactions with a video. This justification is founded on the concept that quality translates into a particular subjectivity for each user and their individual expectations, so a measure of time is shown to be an effective valuation. Such effectiveness is justified by a principle consolidated within TV broadcast for decades, audience measurement. That is, building something analogous to the People's meter, similar to the Television Rating Points, TRP, running to capture information that brings assertiveness to all stakeholders in this new delivery method. In this way, we can measure the reliability of the content for the Customer, the Content Producer, the Advertiser, the Platform holder, the Content Delivery Network owner (CDN) and the Internet Service Provider (ISP)).
IP stream , tv broadcast , audiência , disponibilidade de conexão , qualidade de serviço (QOS) , qualidade da experiência (QOE) , desenvolvimento de software
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OLIVEIRA, Vitor Chaves de. Aferição da disponibilidade de conexão e da audiência de Stream de vídeo em redes IP. 2017. 123 f. Tese( Engenharia Elétrica) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.