Slap: uma linguagem visual para geração semiautomática de animações a partir de storyboards

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Braga, Pedro Henrique Cacique
Silveira, Ismar Frango
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Omar, Nizam
Silva, Luciano
Tori, Romero
Cardoso, Alexandre
Engenharia Elétrica
Digital animations development is a process that covers different knowledge areas and pursuits to connect computational processes with authors’ creative ability. Creation tools existent in the market require a wide knowledge of animation principles and also present a dense learning process. For the sake of the learning curve simplification in order to get faster results, inspiration in traditional cinema and in artificial intelligence systems to create new methods is sought. In animations preproduction steps, generating faster animations (animatics) in order to get script understanding is necessary. The creation basis of those animations is the document known as storyboard, which displays visually movies plots and scene compositions. This work presents the proposition of the language SLAP (Storyboard Language for Animation Programming), which purpose is to unify different visual representations of scenic elements contained in storyboards. A formal grammar is developed for this new structure and a novel storyboards creation method is proposed in order to optimize and unify pre-production learning process. SLAP interpretation is capable of producing semiautomatic animations in several levels of complexity, elevating the ordinary storyboard to an animated document. The prototype of the tool SLAP Editor is also presented as a proof of concept and validation of the language, which uses artificial intelligence and digital image processing concepts to recognize the visual language developed. Results of user experience evaluation tests with different preproduction experience levels are also analyzed.
animação , storyboard , linguagem de padrões , linguagem visual , semiótica
BRAGA, Pedro Henrique Cacique. Slap: uma linguagem visual para geração semiautomática de animações a partir de storyboards. 2017. 168 f. Tese ( Engenharia Elétrica) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.