Uma abordagem a respeito do desgaste em materiais de camisas de cilindro de motores ciclo diesel atendendo as modernas leis de emissões

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Cardille, Dionisio Mateo
Vatavuk, Jan
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Couto, Antonio Augusto
Andrade, Arnaldo Homobono Paes de
Engenharia de Materiais
This study broaches the diesel engines cylinder liners waste concepts, characterizing abrasive waste, tribo-chemical waste and scuffing, with component external factors, like adultered fuel or with high sulfur level frequently found in Brazil. It presents the modern emissioned engines and the direct causes in the cylinder liners material requirement, with the tribologic evolution of piston, piston rings and cylinder. Some concepts of cylinders internal diameter surface finish and the direct involvement in the cylinder smooth, and the blow by flux besides oil consumption. The cylinder liners are manufactured in perlitic gray casting iron, and it was compared to a bainitic gray casting iron as alternative material, in order to satisfy the modern environment laws for emissions. The experiment technical was based on a dynamometric test in a 146kw diesel engine, during 500hs, with 27,4% overpower. The liners were assembled in the engine block in an intercalated way, avoiding benefits in the cylinders closer to the water pump. After the test, the liners were dimensioned with the respective piston rings. As result, was observed that the proposal bainitic material got a better waste resistance in comparison with the perlitic material, with a better dimensional stability. The piston rings presented similar waste when applied in both materials, respecting the project original tribological pair.
desgaste em motores diesel pesados , tribologia , camisas de cilindro , ferro fundido bainítico , heavy duty engines waste , tribology , cylinder liners , bainitic casting iron
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