Obtenção e caracterização de nanocompósito de nylon 6,12 com pseudoboemita e octadecilamina

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Peres, Renato Meneghetti
Munhoz Junior, Antonio Hortêncio
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Miranda, Leila Figueiredo de
Agnelli, José Augusto Marcondes
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Nanocomposites are nanometrical material particles embedded in a specific matrix. The degree of organization of the nanostructures and their properties depend on the nature of the organic and inorganic components of the structure that can generate synergic interactions. Polymeric nanocomposites are related to a class of hybrid materials where inorganic substances of nanometric dimensions are dispersed in a polymeric matrix. A small amount of inorganic material has a great effect on the structure performance. The nanoparticles of inorganic materials have high specific surface area that promotes the dispersion of the polymeric matrix and the properties depend on the homogeneity of the dispersion. The interaction reactions between the components can be observed on the material`s structure. The nanometrical material obtained by sol-gel process can be incorporated directly on the polymeric matrix. There is a tendency to a hard dispersion when a ceramic nanoscale particle is embedded in a polymeric matrix. This difficult can be attributed to a small spacement between the ceramic atomic planes to allow the passage of the polymeric chain between that. In this case, techniques can be used to the spacement to be enlarged with a organophilic agent action that enable a better addiction between the reinforcement and de matrix and make a influence in the mechanical, termical and rheological properties for the characterization by different techniques. In this work, the pseudoboehmite obtained by sol-gel process was treated by an octadecylamine solution to obtain a mix added to Nylon 6,12. After the mixing, the nanocomposite was dryed and processed to conformed the specimen used in the material caracterization. Mechanical, termical, reological, MEV and X-ray diffraction tests are done. The nanocomposite which contains pseudoboehmite and octadecylamine tests results were compared with the nanocomposite contained just pseduboehmite to compair and verify the octadecylamine treatment effect in the materials properties.
nanocompósitos , nylon 6,12 , pseudoboemita , octadecilamina , processo solgel , organofilização , nanocomposite , nylon 6,12 , pseudoboehmite , octadecylamine , sol-gel process , organophilization
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