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    • Métodos analíticos aplicados ao estudo de pessoas com deficiência 

      Daga, Silvio Luis; (Universidade Presbiteriana MackenzieFaculdade de Computação e Informática (FCI)Engenharia ElétricaUPMBrasil, 2018-08-20)
      The Global education indicators show that Brazil needs action to improve its current undesirable position. In an intrinsic way to the problem of education also encompasses people who have some kind of special need. To ...
    • Um novo algoritmo imunológico artificial para agrupamento de dados 

      Borges, Ederson; (Universidade Presbiteriana MackenzieEngenharia ElétricaEngenharia ElétricaUPMBR, 2010-01-27)
      Clustering is an important data mining task from the field of Knowledge Discovery in Databases. There are several algorithms capable of performing clustering tasks, and the most popular ones involve the calculation of a ...