Apropriação de valor e ambiente institucional: um estudo exploratório no setor de bares e restaurantes em São Paulo

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Fiore, Eraldo Genin
Meirelles, Dimária Silva e
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Perez, Gilberto
Lazzarini, Sérgio Giovanetti
Popadiuk, Sílvio
May, Márcia Ramos
Administração de Empresas
A poorly designed legal, normative and regulatory tangle is a frequent complaint of Brazilian entrepreneurs. Companies' resources would, in this scenario, be drained from companies to unproductive agents and organizations. In theory, this institutional environment plays an important role in the development and competitiveness of companies. Do companies create value for consumers, but in institutional environments that are more hostile to business can they actually take ownership of this generated value? This thesis contributed to a theory of appropriation of value that takes into account or the role played by the institutional environment in the elaboration of strategies of appropriation of value by decision makers of companies. The objective is to show an appropriation of value by companies because of strategic decisions of appropriation of value that are motivated by the formal institutional rules of the institutional environment. The study focuses on entrepreneurs in the sector of bars and restaurants in the city of São Paulo. Use in-depth interviews and qualitative data analysis. The study adopted a conceptual model that relates the qualification made when making formal rules decisions with an appropriation strategy used. To capture an image of the conflict between different economic agents for shares of value generated by a proposed company or term "fight rents". The need for decision makers to deal with this situation in their strategies for appropriating value and mediated by institutions. The agents' bargaining power is conditioned by formal rules and as a qualified company with an institutional environment that must define its strategies to appropriate these fight agendas.
apropriação de valor , instituições , estratégia
FIORE, Eraldo Genin. Apropriação de valor e ambiente institucional: um estudo exploratório no setor de bares e restaurantes em São Paulo. 2020. 272 f. Tese (Administração de Empresas) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo. 2020.