Ampliando a cultura empreendedora e a inovação corporativa: o programa Prêmio Empreendedor Sabesp

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Sousa, William Ferraz Ramalho de
Ghobril, Alexandre Nabil
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Caldeira, Adilson
Sarfati, Gilberto
Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios
This project deals with the analysis and implementation of a corporate entrepreneurship program at Sabesp that aims to stimulate the generation of ideas and proposition of innovative projects by the company's employees and thereby reduce inefficiencies and generate new solutions for the market, expanding its competitive capacity. The opportunity to create na internal program to stimulate corporate entrepreneurship was identified as one of the responses to the company's need to stimulate corporate innovation to remain thriving in the face of changes in the competitive environment. The changes are stimulated by the possibility of increased competition due to the opening of the sanitation market to new entrants due to the ongoing change in the sector's regulatory framework and, on the other hand, to the growing demand of its consumers for new products and a better level of services. To validate the opportunity, a diagnosis was made that confirmed some premises: the support of top management to innovation and continuous improvement, the desire of employees to contribute with ideas for the business, and the history of similar successful experiences in the organization. However, the finding of a still incipient culture of innovation at Sabesp could be a restrictive factor that would need to be addressed. The proposed solution was materialized in the Entrepreneur Sabesp Award, coordinated by the People Management Superintendence, which receives ideas and good practices or technical experiences from employees. The solutions are evaluated and the best ones are awarded, and the qualified ideas are submitted to a feasibility study to become a technical project and the practices and experiences are shared with the company's areas for replication. The program is continuous and the first application cycle generated 1,028 registered solutions. All qualified practices and experiences are shared in the company in an online tool and 23 ideas are implemented or in the process of being implemented. In addition to the innovative solutions produced to contribute to the improvement of the provision of services to the community and increase of the company's competitive capacity, the movement contributes to the valorization and development of the workforce and to the dissemination of the culture of innovation, necessary for the company's objectives. As an evolution, it is envisaged that the program will constantly adapt its model in order to reduce compensation stimuli and increase natural and autonomous engagement with entrepreneurship. The work can contribute to demonstrate the complexity of its application in an organization with a culture of unsatisfactory innovation for the company's challenges and that had to reconcile different expectations in order to obtain involvement and sponsorship. It reinforces the strategic role that can be played by a people management area, by boosting business results through organizational transformation actions.
inovação , empreendedorismo , cultura organizacional , vantagem competitiva , empreendedorismo corporativo
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SOUSA, William Ferraz Ramalho de. Ampliando a cultura empreendedora e a inovação corporativa: o programa Prêmio Empreendedor Sabesp. 2020. 67 f. Dissertação (Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.