Transformações urbanas de um bairro chamado Bixiga: dimensões sócio culturais de uma escola de samba

Anastácio, Thais Nogueira Romano
Abascal, Eunice Helena Sguizzardi
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Kato, Vólia Regina Costa
Nascimento, Myrna de Arruda
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
The researches of epistemological character of interdisciplinary comprehension that attend to the problematic of the relation between inhabitant and city are studies of fundamental importance for the metropolis. The present work presents a conceptual intension, and proposes to reflect on a specific intellectual cultural structure, which includes the subjectivities, the social organisms, the mechanisms of appropriation of the territory by the man and how these instigate the critical awareness or even the sensitization of the imaginary of the Inhabitants of a neighborhood. Thus, the work brings to light reflections on the production of the space of a neighborhood, linking historical, social, cultural, urban, collective and perceptive aspects of the city. In this context, even though it is not critical of the current (lack of) urban vitality, this work identifies the Bixiga neighborhood as a destination with meaning, with "spirit" and a desire to preserve the remaining traditions and structures of its formation, which go far beyond of historic buildings. Thus, considering the specific context of the transformations of Bixiga and its festivities, it is possible to discuss the appropriation of the place and the genuine social relations present there, encouraged by a samba school, which reinforce the identity of the neighborhood.
Bixiga (bairro São Paulo) , lugar , relações sociais , samba , Vai-Vai (Escola de Samba)
ANASTÁCIO, Thais Nogueira Romano. Transformações urbanos de uma bairro chamado Bixiga: dimensões de uma escola de samba. 2017. 159 f. Dissertação ( Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.