Reestruturação produtiva e regeneração urbana: o caso do IV Distrito de Porto Alegre

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Titton, Cláudia Pauperio
Souza, Carlos Leite de
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Somekh, Nadia
Castello, Lineu
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Among the many urban consequences caused by the process of global economic restructuring, there is the emergence of large idle areas in cities and urban sectors whose growth had once been supported by the manufacturing industry. These are called areas of demand for industrial conversion or positive restructuring. The territory of the Fourth District of Porto Alegre, the object of the research study, is inserted in this context and problem set, offering many opportunities for new urban projects as a tool for territorial regeneration of degraded or transforming land. The urbanization process, which is currently characterized by the ability to put parts of the city in motion, has the challenge of dealing with existing city, without denying it. Similarly, society enters the twenty-first century with a strong concern for environmental preservation and recycling of resources, demanding the transformation and recovery of environments, such as industrial ones, through sustainable development. Thus, the paper focuses on aspects of the factors present in the origin of these places, their impacts on the land, the possibilities within the productive restructuring and urban regeneration of traditionally industrial areas, their new formats in the contemporary city - amongst them, the urban clusters, new fields of architecture and urban design facing society and the contemporary cities, sustainable development and condensing the city through the (re) densification of such territories, and finally focuses on the analysis and diagnosis of the context and potential of the IV District. The paper seeks to illustrate the theoretical discussion with relevant project experience.
reestruturação produtiva , regeneração urbana , projeto urbano , cidade compacta , desenvolvimento sustentável , Porto Alegre , productive restructuring , urban regeneration , urban design , compact city , sustainable development
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TITTON, Cláudia Pauperio. Reestruturação produtiva e regeneração urbana: o caso do IV Distrito de Porto Alegre. 2012. 314 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2012.