Pólos geradores de tráfego: aplicação e impactos nos empreendimentos residenciais em São Paulo

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Castro, Ada
Campos Neto, Candido Malta
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Zioni, Silvana Maria
Trani, Eduardo
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
In a dynamic city as São Paulo, the relations between urban policies and mobility are often treated as distinct subjects instead of a complex structure, specially when they are related to the analysis of new property development, like residential areas. Therefore, we consider the following question as most relevant: Have society, public authorities and managers been dealing with those traffic generator poles as part of a city or as a specific situation? The approach, presently suggested for discussion, may be described as a brief review of some urban and access route expansion periods the cities have undertaken until nowadays, searching for embasement on the legislation concerning proposals involving ventures classified as Traffic Generator Poles. In addition to the legislation, it is shown a study on the pioneer methodology, applied by CET/SP since 1979 in Brazil, supported by case studies and related manuals and reports. It should be emphasized that the aim of this research is not to solve the city traffic and transportation problem, but to provide extra material for further discussions, considering the difficulties involved in obtaining information, materials and references from the responsible institutions.
pólos geradores de tráfego , transporte , transito , urbanismo , traffic generator poles , transportation , urbanism
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