Diálogos culturais: Heitor dos Prazeres e Lasar Segall

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Rezende, Olga Scartezini de
Stori, Norberto
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Schwartz, Rosana Maria Pires Barbato
Demarchi, Rita de Cassia
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
From a wide immersion in processes of cultural mediation coordinated by the educational area of the museums: Afro-Brazil, Lasar Segall and Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo, the research investigated the cultural dialogues present in the works of Heitor dos Prazeres and Lasar Segall and the respective syntheses of their artistic productions against the asymmetric cultural exchanges of the society in which they interacted and left their legacy. By deeply intertwining the artistic productions of both with the social contexts involved, interdisciplinary bridges were established between the disciplines of Education, Art and History of Culture, as well as the use of various artistic languages for the development of the narrative, such as photography, painting, poetry, personal testimonies of the artists, reports of the time, and extensive literature, which, taken as a whole, were treated as relevant historical documents Based on the common culture thinking of Raymond Williams who understands culture as a process that engenders a whole way of life of a society as a socio-cultural experience with forms of sociability and also of resistance existing in residual and counter-hegemonic alternatives, the analysis of research has therefore distanced itself from any elitist and intellectual pattern that separates the idea of culture from other spheres that involve the set of human practices that are lived and related to society as a whole. Within this theoretical context, the research selected certain cuts in the artistic production of Heitor dos Prazeres and Lasar Segall due to their contributions in the reiterated debate between socio-cultural legacy and creative production in favor of a society that considers human diversity and the incorporation of otherness in its own dynamics of construction and reconstruction.
diálogos culturais , alteridade , arte , interdisciplinaridade
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REZENDE, Olga Scartezini de. Diálogos culturais: Heitor dos Prazeres e Lasar Segall. 2018. 292 f. Dissertação (Educação, Arte e História da Cultura) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.