Transparência pública aplicada: uma amostragem de referência em municípios da Paraíba

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Novais, Marcella Velloso Borges Ribeiro
Siqueira Neto, José Francisco
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Pinto, Felipe Chiarello de Souza
Torres, Heleno Taveira
Direito Político e Econômico
The Law n. 12,527/2011 is a remarkable instrument that reassures the public transparency, in which its absence there cannot be any talk about democracy. Regarding the progress presented by this new piece of legislation, the present research focus on explaining its application, regarding the changes made to the public administration, as well as the link between these changes and the use of guarantees and rights implemented by the Access to Information Law. Therefore, 6 cities were analyzed, chosen by demographic and geographic criteria. Considering the legal demands imposed by the Access to Information Law, articles 8 and 9, the elements brought by the “AIL” will be verified if they’re being properly fulfilled on the cities’ official websites, leading to a level of transparency analysis. After this first step, the following data were extracted from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics: Human Development Index; Estimated Population of 2016; Budget Revenue of 2014; Gini Coefficient; and the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), to verify if there’s any connection between the transparency levels and the social indexes just mentioned.
transparência pública , lei de acesso à informação , democracia participativa , Paraíba
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NOVAIS, Marcella Velloso Borges Ribeiro. Transparência pública aplicada: uma amostragem de referência em municípios da Paraíba. 2017. 126 f. Dissertação (Direito Político e Econômico) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.