O ensino jurídico da polícia militar paulista: entre ordem e cidadania

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Paula, Marcelo Cortez Ramos de
Mascaro, Alysson Leandro Barbate
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Mota, Carlos Guilherme Santos Serôa da
Maman, Jeannette Antonios
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Having as major premise to evaluate and redefine the role of Law regarding law enforcement action which affect specially in a negative form the citizenship rights, the current study considering Law as a domination instrument and based upon the althusserian concept of the State Ideological Apparatuses (SIA) undertakes a deep investigation about the juridical teachings supplied to the officialdom of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo since 1964, aiming to extract the sense that the juridical phenomenon mainly the idea of justice takes at each possible to be delimited period. By those means, a research about the police praxis and the officialdom thinking at the same period is made. The hypothesis is that the ideological conditioning whose object was Law teaching during the period at study might have been determinative for the construction of a peculiar law , which had decisive influence on police praxis and officialdom thinking - not only by the most obvious forms in which teaching influence is observed, but mainly because of the ideology infused to it in a way that this praxis and thought, by these means structured, conditioned and condition in a relevant manner, the behavior of the Military Police about the protection of citizenship rights. Therefore conceived, as a "peculiar Law conditioned above all by ideology, a more active role can be reserved to Law, regarding the argument that explains police violence and that goes beyond the passive role of violated rules.
ensino jurídico , polícia militar , aparelhos ideológicos de estado , cidadania , juridical teachings , military police , state ideological apparatuses , citizenship
PAULA, Marcelo Cortez Ramos de. O ensino jurídico da polícia militar paulista: entre ordem e cidadania. 2007. 264 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Direito) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2007.