Os limites da cidadania e do direito: Jürgen Habermas, entre a transformação e a conservação

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Bray, Renato Toller
Mascaro, Alysson Leandro Barbate
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Siqueira Neto, José Francisco
Gonzalez, Everaldo Tadeu Quilici
Mourao, Fernando Augusto Albuquerque
Almeida, Silvio Luiz de
Direito Político e Econômico
The present work has analyzed the limits of citizenship and the Science of law at Jürgen Haberma s thoughts. Through a critical perspective, it was demonstrate that habermasian theoretical proposal is between Social transformation and preservation. The layout of the thematic summary has its own characteristic, once it s the author s world view, discursive line, the trajectory, as well the critical speech into Haberma s ideia. It s starting from a Marxist transforming critic, to concluding that habermasian proposal is a reforming one, due the limits and contradictions. In capitalist system there isn t voluntary and peaceful understanding among equal and free rights. Firstly, because there isn t equality in society (nowadays). Secondly, because there isn t place for liberty in the world; a word completely governed by instrumental reason. Besides, the current theme is modern because it approaches the habermasian opinion about the global economic crisis, as well as Europe future on the political integration sense.
Estado , capitalismo , direito , democracia , marxismo , razão instrumental , State , capitalist system , rights , democracy , marxism , instrumental reason
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