Agregando valor ao agronegócio por meio da produção de sementes de soja

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Libera, Sergio Della
Miguel, Lilian Aparecida Pasquini
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Benedetti, Maurício Henrique
Kallas, David
Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios
Based on the findings made by companies of the Japanese Mitsui Group, regarding the scarcity of high-quality and performance transgenic soybean seeds, used by companies in the Brazilian market, which seek productivity above the market average, to act as a seed producer, adding value to the company's business, in a market in full expansion, which is expected to grow 30% in ten years, according to a recent forecast by the Ministry of Agriculture. In order to produce soybeans above the market average, it is necessary to have seeds with good germination, high vigor, great productive potential, standard size, properly treated chemically and free of pests and diseases. However, due to the Brazilian tropical climate, it is very difficult to achieve these qualities in large seed lots, and the Federal District is considered one of the best areas for seed production. After understanding the situation and elaborating an economic study and evaluating its viability with the company Schneider Agronegócios, holding of agricultural enterprises, it was possible to confirm the real opportunity to add value to the business of the company with the production of these seeds of high quality level , in a market that has been remunerating the specialized suppliers considerably, with a bonus around 55% on the price of soybeans, and the company can add to its business a Net Present Value of R $ 27 million in the next ten years, as presented in detail, in this work. Although agribusiness is a long-term transaction, with annual cycles, the return on investment to the shareholder, predicted in two productive cycles, is equivalent to two crops, with an Internal Rate of Return of 234.7%, may this work contribute to other ventures, in similar conditions, that seek to add value to the business. Although it can be considered quite replicable, the applicability of this proposal needs to be very well planned and tailored for each venture, as there are a reasonable number of complexities in the way that need to be overcome. But part of a project that results in a clear transformation of an entire business, through physical change and a whole new structure, in which the results begin to appear in the whole supply chain and value added, and stakeholders supporting their implementation and achievement, has become extremely rewarding. This, despite the difficulties inherent in the proposal's idealization, its development and, especially, approval and alignment around the various stakeholders involved, especially the level of innovation considered for this proposal, which has a new look at this type of enterprise - a new business model.
criação de valor , tecnologia em sementes , agronegócios , posicionamento estratégico , cadeia de suprimentos
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LIBERA, Sergio Della. Agregando valor ao agronegócio por meio da produção de sementes de soja. 2018. 56 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Administração de Desenvolvimento de Negócios) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.