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    • Elementos lingüísticos no discurso publicitário 

      Maffei, Carlos Eduardo; (Universidade Presbiteriana MackenzieLetrasLetrasUPMBR, 2007-09-19)
      This project aims to explore the verbal and non-verbal languages used in publicity campaign ads of a nationwide magazine (VEJA). The publicity presentation of objects of any kind is so powerfull that can, undeniably, be ...
    • A linguagem da sedução nos anúncios publicitários de escolas de inglês 

      Mello, Vanessa Figueiroa de; (Universidade Presbiteriana MackenzieLetrasLetrasUPMBR, 2008-02-21)
      Publicity explores the particular universe of desires of each individual person by manipulating, seducing and persuading. The publicity text is a manner of causing desires in the mass communication. Based on this premise, ...