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    • Investigando analiticamente a dinâmica de pares de redes neurais de Wilson - Cowan acopladas 

      Neves, Lucas Leocádio das; (Universidade Presbiteriana MackenzieEscola de Engenharia Mackenzie (EE)Engenharia ElétricaUPMBrasil, 2016-08-17)
      The Wilson-Cowan model describes the interaction between an excitatory neuronal population connected to an inhibitory neuronal population. In this work, the dynamics of this network is analytically studied by using a ...
    • Sincronismo entre redes neurais com topologia de acoplamento do tipo Newman-Watts 

      Martins, Alex; (Universidade Presbiteriana MackenzieEngenharia ElétricaEngenharia ElétricaUPMBR, 2011-10-19)
      Synchronization can be understood as a temporal organization of events, able of emerging in complex systems, as neural networks. Here, random graph and cellular automaton (CA) are used to represent neural networks, in order ...